Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily 5~ Listening to Reading

Hey everyone!
I am really sorry for my absence.
I wanted to blog about 400 different times but 
1. I had a house guest and I didn't think it would be polite.
2. I honestly had no motivation to get started.

I feel like summer starts and my brain just turns to mush.

Today I was rejuvenated!   I met with a new to second grade teacher and I talked her ear off about all the snazzy things we do in second (...and that it is the BESTEST grade ever ;)
Yes I just said that word!

Then we talked a lot about Daily 5.  At that point I realized that I haven't really addressed it here.

Let me get this clear.
I. L.O.V.E. Daily. 5! ----> !!!

If you don't do it, have no idea about it, haven't read the book... get out from under a ROCK!

It will change your life.  period.

Anyway... I've decided to address each of the five areas separately and then add a "management" piece as well.  I hope you stick around for them all!

Today I will start with...

As a side note... I don't start with this one when I am building stamina.  Typically my order is:
Read to Self
Read to Someone
Work on Writing
Word Work
Listening to Reading

I have 4 ways for the kids to listen to reading:
Books on tape (YES I still have tapes!)
Underneath the table are the headphones, tapes, and response to reading sheets).

Computers- see below about what I have the kids do on the computers.

Laptops and an iPad(far right on table). I will be sharing my FAVORITE app below.

On the computer and the laptops I have the kids log onto TumbleBooks

Typically this is a paid site and if I remember correctly it is around $300 per classroom.  However, most libraries have it for free on their website.  Just Google 'Tumblebooks' and I will bet you can find it that way.  I actually use TumbleBooks from a library about 30 miles from my school because they have it for free.
Here is just a little bit more about it:

I usually have the kids click story books during listening to reading.  There are however, read alouds, non-fiction books, and videos too!

You can search for books- I just noticed that they now have books by Common Core Standard!

Everything you need to know about the book is listed below.  You can even have the children do a "quiz" after the reading to check their comprehension.  It gives instant feedback.  OR you can print a copy of the quiz too!

The stories are very captivating!  I actually show some of these to the whole group on my projector every now and then because the kids love them so much!

Now, on to my favorite iPad app for listening to reading:

This is FREE if you have a scholastic account.  You don't have to have an iPad to use this.  It will work on your computer too!  If you do want it for your iPad- you will need to download the app and then log on from there.  Once you sign up they give you 10 books for free right off the bat!  These are AMAZING!  

This is what the bookshelf looks like.  There are SO many popular titles!  If you look next to the book, the speech bubble means that it can be read to the child.  If you see a lightning bolt that means there are interactive components to the book- like comprehension questions, sequencing, phonics skills, and even short video clips.  You can also see there are a wide variety of reading levels too.

Here you can see the lightning bolt pops up every so often with things for the child to do- the kids love this!

Here is one with a video clip:

This became so popular in my classroom that I  found out I can add more books by using the scholastic book club points!

Phew!  Sorry this was a LONG one!  
Please be on the lookout for the next post about Read to Self!

3 more quick things...

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I will be having another giveaway when I reach 800 Bloglovin' followers (I'm 6 away!).  It will be my 800 follower re-do!
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Have a GREAT day!


  1. Hi Tori! I am so excited to teach 2nd grade next year because pretty much everyone I talk to says it is the bestest grade ever. LOL! Love Daily 5, looking forward to reading your posts to refresh for this year. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. Thanks for the information on eStoria! I have an account (and the app), I just never set it up. (Bad teacher, I know.) I can see how the kids would love it!

    Tumblebooks is pretty amazing!

    I also use a website with my projector to share books whole-group (not for listening to reading because it doesn't have audio books). It's called We Give Books, and I love it! Again, mostly for read alouds and sometimes for independent reading. I give the website to parents as well. It's free, so there's no excuse really for their kids not to be reading!

    Thanks again for sharing your version of Listening to Reading. I'll definitely be adding eStoria to my own Listening to Reading area.

    When you get some time, stop by my blog. I've recently started talking about a reread of The Sisters' book!

    Enjoy your day!
    First Grade with Ms. Dawley

  3. I am doing Daily 5 for the first time this year! Your blog posts are just what I need to get a quick overview, motivation, and direction.
    Forever A Teacher, Forever A Learner

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